When to Get an Oil Change

When Is It Time For an Oil Change | Independence, MO | Buddy’s Automotive

Value Is In Maintenance Not Neglect

People are always looking to conserve and get the most value out of their purchases. This is no different from how drivers behave with their cars. They want to get every last drop out of their oil before it needs to be changed, and it’s a good idea to not waste oil because it can cause unnecessary pollution. However, the point at which your vehicle needs an oil change is debatable. In many cases, getting your oil changed can save you money if it is done at the right time. This is because your engine builds up dirt over time from the road and will lose performance if it isn’t running on clean oil. You can suffer more in damages to your car than an oil change will cost if it isn’t done on time. In other words, you can save money and gain that value by paying attention to your vehicle rather than trying to push its limits.

What Is An Oil Change Worth

Think of getting an oil change as an investment. Your car has many other components that need maintenance and how well it runs is determined by the health of all of those components. It is a good return on investment because it can improve your gas mileage and preserve the health of your engine. For many people, this isn’t as clear. They only see the upfront cost of the oil change but don’t see the costs they will incur later. If you are looking to save money, it is all about knowing when your car needs attention.

When Is The Right Time to Get an Oil Change

There are many factors in determining when your engine needs fresh oil. The amount you drive and the driving condition can change the amount. At the very least it should take 3,000 miles, but at most, around 7,500 miles driven will warrant an oil change. Decide which fits your environment. If you’re in a very dusty environment ten change it more frequently. You can also reset the mileage on your odometer every time you fill your gas tank to judge when your mileage starts to get lower. That can be a good signal that you are losing fuel efficiency and will want a cleaner engine. You can also just stick to a set distance traveled. Both work depending on how much attention you want to pay to your mileage. If you are looking to get your car serviced, visit Buddy’s Automotive in Independence, MO today. Call us at 816-252-0425 or visit us to get your car done right the first time.

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