Causes For Your Oil Light Turning On

What Could Go Wrong With Your Oil

Your car’s oil helps keep the engine running smoothly, and without it, the engine can overheat or cause extra friction in the moving parts. This is why it is essential to get your oil changed every few thousand miles. When you get your oil changed depends on your manufacturer’s suggestions and driving habits. However, some cars may tell you when your oil needs to be checked with an oil light. This sensor checks the pressure of the oil, and there are three potential reasons that your oil pressure may be low: the oil supply is low, the oil is dirty, or there is an oil leak. Buddy’s Automotive is here to answer your questions from Independence, MO.

Low Oil

Even though your vehicle does not burn oil and keeps it recirculating through the engine, it can still evaporate from the heat. Checking whether your oil levels are low is very easy to do. The dipstick in your engine can show oil levels. Make sure the car is level, and check the oil hot or cold depending on what your owner’s manual states. Pull the dipstick out and clean it, then place it back in all the way and pull it out again to check the oil levels. If you put in more oil, make sure that there isn’t an oil leak or dirty oil.

Oil Leaks

If your oil light goes on and you put in more oil, it may turn off for a bit, but if there is an oil leak, it may go back on shortly after. You can check below your car to see if there is an oil leak or notice the smell if the leak is burning up in the exhaust and coming out as a cloud of blue smoke. You’ll want to go in for an oil change and repair if this is the case or your engine will go without oil if you aren’t refilling it often.

Dirty Oil

With dirty oil, your engine will lose efficiency, and your gas mileage will lower. If you notice worse mileage, you should also check for dirty oil the same way you check the oil levels from the dipstick. Clean oil is clear, but dirty oil is dark. Getting an oil change is the fix for this, but your oil light might not go on at the right time. Your oil sensor may even need recalibration or replacing if you check all of these symptoms and none of them show when the oil light goes on.

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