What The Driveline Is and Why It Needs Repair

Keeping Your Car Moving If you’ve ever heard that your driveline needs repair or your transmission needs service, those are two similar things. The driveline consists of the driveshaft, axles, differentials, joints, and wheels. All of these are part of a system that converts the energy of your engine into motion. Because the transmission is

What to Do If The Park Brake Is Stuck

Signs Your Brakes May Need Repair Your vehicle has many features designed to handle different environments or situations. Of these is the parking brake or the emergency brake. It is useful for keeping your car in place when parked on a slope or to stop your car when the brakes fail. However, these instances may

What Is On the MO State Inspection

Passing the Test Missouri is among the many states in the U.S. that require their vehicle owners to register their vehicles every year. While this can cost the government budget resources, it helps to keep drivers safe and pollution down. It will cost Missouri residents $10 for cyclists or $12 for truck and car owners

Causes For Your Oil Light Turning On

What Could Go Wrong With Your Oil Your car’s oil helps keep the engine running smoothly, and without it, the engine can overheat or cause extra friction in the moving parts. This is why it is essential to get your oil changed every few thousand miles. When you get your oil changed depends on your

Why A/C Maintenance Is Important

Should You Maintenance or Repair Your Automobile A/C | Independence, MO | Buddy’s Automotive What A/C Repairs Do For Your Car The air conditioner in your car takes the dirty and humid air either from outside or inside your car and runs it through a filter. A dirty filter will suffocate the airflow and reduce

Signs You Need Transmission Repair

5 Signs You Need Transmission Repair | Independence, MO | Buddy’s Automotive What a Transmission Involves The gears of a vehicle shift due to the transmission, so if your vehicle struggles to shift it is a clear sign that your car needs transmission repair. However, that isn’t the only thing that may show symptoms if

Preparing For The Missouri State Inspection

How to Prepare for a Missouri State Inspection | Independence, MO | Buddy’s Automotive Who Needs an Inspection When a vehicle is purchased or transfers ownership in Missouri, it must undergo an emission and safety inspection in order to be registered. Vehicles that are under 10 years old, or have been manufactured less than 10

When to Get an Oil Change

When Is It Time For an Oil Change | Independence, MO | Buddy’s Automotive Value Is In Maintenance Not Neglect People are always looking to conserve and get the most value out of their purchases. This is no different from how drivers behave with their cars. They want to get every last drop out of