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The Dangers of Low Engine Oil

Signs of Low Engine Oil

Your car will give you several signs that your engine oil is low. What you do next after seeing the symptoms will affect the life of your vehicle, especially the engine. You may notice a warning light on your dashboard indicating low oil pressure. This could be a true gauge of a problem or a faulty sensor. Still, either way, it’s time to consider taking your vehicle to a shop like Buddy’s Automotive in Independence, MO. Another sign of low engine oil is if you smell burning oil. This sign is a little more immediate than the warning light on the dashboard. If you smell burning oil while driving, you should pull over immediately and turn off your engine. You should then check the level of oil in your engine using the dipstick and avoid driving the vehicle again until you top off the level of engine oil. If you ignore the warning lights and burning smell and continue to drive your vehicle, you may begin to hear knocking noises as you drive.

How Can You Avoid Low Engine Oil?

The best way to avoid low engine oil is to maintain your vehicle with regular oil changes. In Independence, MO, teaming up with Buddy’s Automotive for this maintenance service can relieve you of the stress of keeping track of your regular maintenance schedule.

What Should You Do Next?

Once you’ve recognized the signs and symptoms of low engine oil in your vehicle, you should take your vehicle to a certified service station like Buddy’s Automotive. The team at Buddy’s Automotive will inspect and diagnose the problems in your engine, including any oil leaks at the root of the low engine oil issue. Once the root problem is discovered, the technicians at Buddy’s Automotive will make recommendations for the repairs your vehicle needs. Once you approve those recommended repairs, the technicians will complete the repairs and get you back on the road as fast as possible. Why not give Buddy’s Automotive team a call today to make an appointment to have your low engine oil problem inspected and diagnosed? Or, if you’re near the shop in Independence, MO, stop by and speak with the team about all your auto maintenance and repair service needs.

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