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What Are the Signs of Transmission Failure?

Symptoms of Transmission Failure

There are many symptoms that your vehicle is on the verge of transmission failure, none of which you should ignore due to the risk of collision and other damage to your vehicle. If your car is refusing the switch gears or struggling to change gears, there’s likely a problem with the transmission system. You might notice a burning smell that can indicate overheating in the system or old, burnt transmission fluid. Does your car make strange noises when it is in neutral? These sounds can mean anything from a need for a transmission fluid flush to the need for a full transmission replacement.

The Check Engine Light

Did you know the check engine light can indicate a problem with your transmission? The only way to truly know what’s behind the check engine light illuminating your dashboard is to take your vehicle for a diagnostic. The technician will hook your vehicle up to diagnostic equipment that will read the error codes from the onboard computer. Once they know what error codes are behind the warning light, the technician can recommend service to repair the problem.

What Should You Do Next?

Transmission failure is a catastrophic failure for your vehicle. Suppose you notice any of the symptoms mentioned here or others connected with shifting gears and moving the vehicle. In that case, you must take your car to a certified service center as soon as possible. Putting off transmission repairs can lead to collisions on the road and danger to you, your passengers, and other drivers at risk. The team at Buddy’s Automotive in Independence, MO, is there for you and will help you with all your transmission service needs, including maintenance and repairs.

Take Your Car to Buddy’s Automotive

The team at Buddy’s Automotive is here to help you with whatever transmission problems you’re having with your vehicle. The technicians will inspect, diagnose and repair those problems and get you back on the road as fast as possible with the safest car. Call them today to make an appointment for transmission service, or stop by the shop in Independence, MO, to speak to the team about your transmission service needs.

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