What to Do If The Park Brake Is Stuck

Signs Your Brakes May Need Repair

Your vehicle has many features designed to handle different environments or situations. Of these is the parking brake or the emergency brake. It is useful for keeping your car in place when parked on a slope or to stop your car when the brakes fail. However, these instances may not occur every once in a while, and you may not be aware that your park brake isn’t working. To stay safe, you’ll want to get this checked during regular brake service because it could be stuck. Here are some ways to check if your park brake is stuck and when or how to service it, provided by Buddy’s Automotive.

Ice Formation

Cold weather can be a reason for your parking brake not working. Water that gets in your brakes can solidify and prevent movement. If you turn on your car, the heat can help to melt the ice. Revving the engine can help to raise the temperature and melt the ice more quickly.

Corrosion and Rust

If your park brake goes unused or is left in storage for too long, it can chemically bind, making it stick. When this happens, it can sometimes be released by switching gears while engaging the breaks. If it does not, you will need a tow to a brake service shop. You can avoid corrosion forming on your park brake by using the parking brake a few times a day to stop or not leaving it on if you know it will be parked for more than a few days.

Jammed Park Brake

Putting too much force into the parking brake can also get it stuck. You want to ensure your car is secured when the brake is on, but too secure may mean you can’t get it out. Trying to pull it out while it is stuck needs a lot of care. If you pull it out with excess force just like it got jammed in, there could be just as much damage. Either be very careful about pulling it out or take your car in for brake service.

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