What Is On the MO State Inspection

Passing the Test

Missouri is among the many states in the U.S. that require their vehicle owners to register their vehicles every year. While this can cost the government budget resources, it helps to keep drivers safe and pollution down. It will cost Missouri residents $10 for cyclists or $12 for truck and car owners to get their inspection. Because you need to pass the inspection to register, failing it can mean paying extra for multiple inspections. For this reason, it is essential to know what is on the Missouri State Inspection so you can solve potential issues before they cause a failed test. Buddy’s Automotive here in Independence, MO, is providing a checklist for you.

What Checks Are Performed

There are different categories that each check goes under for the inspection. Ensuring that all of the components under these categories are working before your inspection will help make sure you pass. For the interior of your vehicle, you want to make sure your mirrors, seat belts, horn, and dashboard lights are working. Outside the vehicle, your rear and front lights, windshield wipers, and gas cap are functional. The inspection will check under your hood for your oxygen sensors or any other air pollution controls. They may start the engine to check your exhaust, fuel, wheels, tires, and brakes. These are just some of the entire list, but it is a thorough process to ensure the safety of other drivers and the air breathing conditions of the community. For the entire checklist, you can visit the MO state website.

Tips to Passing the Inspection

You can go to a shop to prepare your vehicle for an inspection under the premise of general service. This is the best way to prepare your vehicle. If you have any issues, they can be resolved by a professional before the State Inspection. You won’t need to return for an inspection if you fix the issues first. In many cases, you can get them both done at the same shop. Make sure they are a certified inspection shop and understand that the process of the inspection could be independent of any repairs to maintain the integrity of the system.

You can get your Missouri State Inspection at our shop. Buddy’s Automotive is a certified State Inspection location in Independence, MO. Call us at 816-252-0425 to schedule an appointment. We can not only perform the inspection but also provide any repairs required to pass the inspection.

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