Signs You Need Transmission Repair

5 Signs You Need Transmission Repair | Independence, MO | Buddy’s Automotive

What a Transmission Involves

The gears of a vehicle shift due to the transmission, so if your vehicle struggles to shift it is a clear sign that your car needs transmission repair. However, that isn’t the only thing that may show symptoms if the transmission isn’t working properly. Whether it is a manual or automatic transmission a car will shift gears to optimize the energy it spends and direct it towards the movement of the wheels because of the torque it provides.

Here are 5 things to look out for which may cause your car to require transmission repairs:

  • If your car slips up and down gears without accelerating or shifting gears you will have differing amounts of power and this is a serious safety issue because you can’t judge your vehicle if it’s swapping gears randomly. This issue is usually caused by the clutch which allows your gears to shift.
  • The smell of burnt fluid can be a good indicator that your transmission needs repair. Transmission fluid is needed to cool the heat generated by the transmission and to make the shifting smoother. The burning smell may mean your fluid needs to be checked.
  • Generally your car changes gears to reduce the amount of work it needs to do at certain speeds. If your RPM goes too high it may be that your gears are not shifting properly or are delayed in doing so, making your car work harder unnecessarily.
  • The engine may be working properly and giving you the appropriate increase in RPM when you hit the gas, but you are getting no results in the speed of your vehicle. This is most likely due to the transmission of your car not giving enough torque to control the power of your engine. Power is nothing without direction, and the torque your transmission provides helps to transfer the engine’s energy into the wheels.
  • The final and most obvious sign of a transmission in need of repair is a grinding or thumping sound. Driving on gears that aren’t aligned properly can cause serious damage and should get checked immediately.

If you do see these signs, get them fixed at Buddy’s Automotive in Independence, MO. We can provide repairs to your transmission as well as other services. Call us at 816-252-0425 or visit us to get your car done right the first time.

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