Brake Service in Independence, MO

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Protect Brake Performance

Buddy’s Automotive in Independence, Missouri is committed to keeping our customers safe. When they visit our shop for brake service, their vehicle gets a thorough brake inspection from our ASE Certified technicians. They are trained to recognize signs of brake failure in all makes and models and can quickly alert you to anything that needs repair. Trust that our technicians take your vehicle’s safety seriously. We want to send you off in the best version of your vehicle, which means replacing worn out brake components before they cause any harm to your car’s performance. You need to know that your vehicle will stop quickly when you press the brake pedal. Our team is here to ensure each component involved in that process is up for the task of keeping you and your passengers safe.

Signs of Brake Problems

Want to know what signs our technicians look for when inspecting and testing your vehicle’s braking system? When drivers understand the problems that could lead to brake failure, they can make the early call to visit our location for service. Pay attention to your brake performance and contact Buddy’s Automotive if you notice one of these warning signs!


Brakes emit an unpleasant screeching sound when the brake pads are wearing low. It means that metal components are starting to scratch each other, but all that you need to know is that your vehicle needs new brake pads. Visit our shop at your earliest convenience for their replacement!


You noticed the screeching sound coming from your car when you applied the brakes, but you didn’t do anything about it. Now that sound has transformed into unbearable metal-on-metal grinding from the metal calipers scraping against the brake disc. Your brakes’ optimal function is compromised and your vehicle may experience brake failure, so stop driving and call us for assistance!

Spongy Pedal

When you press the brake pedal, you should get an immediate response from your vehicle. A jolt that sends you forward into your seatbelt is a good thing. It means that your brakes are working correctly and will stop your car quickly in tight situations. A spongy brake pedal is just the opposite. It absorbs the pressure of your foot, sinking close to the floor before actually engaging any stopping power. If this happens to you, your vehicle is on the road to brake failure. Schedule service with our professionals to avoid that catastrophe!

Make an Appointment

Have you noticed any of these signs of brake problems in your vehicle? If so, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our professionals. Please call us at 816-252-0425 or stop by our shop at your earliest convenience for walk-in service to repair the brakes or schedule your brake service with our online tool. Either way, don’t let your brake problems go on without interference. The problems will only worsen and could lead to total brake failure! Find us at 1030B West 23rd Street S. near Santa Fe Trail Elementary School in Independence, Missouri and say goodbye to the stress of brake problems! We are the trusted brake service specialists throughout the Kansas City Metro Area, and we look forward to getting your vehicle back in top condition!