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Quick & Clean Oil Changes

Buddy’s Automotive of Independence, MO provides expert oil change service. Drivers who take care of their vehicle’s engine enjoy a longer road-life. Normal wear-and-tear and a lack of service attention will lead to poor engine performance and early breakdown. You can avoid all of that by letting our ASE Certified technicians put your car, truck, or SUV on an efficient maintenance schedule. No matter what your vehicle’s driving habits are, your engine’s metal components need lubrication. Something as simple as regular maintenance can keep your check engine light from coming on and your vehicle out of the shop. Vehicle owners don’t always understand it that way though. They’ll often postpone maintenance service until it’s too late and is already compromising vehicle performance. A maintenance schedule will help you retain your vehicle’s resale value. Protect the heart of your vehicle–the engine–with a consistent schedule and you’ll see benefits under the hood and in your wallet. Call (816) 252-0425 or stop by our 1030 West 23rd St S location anytime.

Top 5 Reasons For Buddy’s Automotive Oil Changes

  • You’ll Have a Cleaner Engine
  • Normal road travel will cause dirt and debris to accumulate in an engine’s components. Clear these contaminants from your engine as often as possible before they can cause corrosion, sludge, and early breakdowns.

  • You’ll Enjoy Better Gas Mileage
  • Vehicles that don’t receive regular oil changes will have poor lubrication. This causes the engine to work harder and consume more fuel. You may notice that you’re spending more in gas as a direct result of a poor oil change schedule.

  • You’ll Reduce Friction / Wear-and-Tear
  • The most extensive damage to your engine often comes from wear-and-tear. Regular lube service replenishes your engine’s lubrication and eliminate the friction between metal parts. Extensive damages and early breakdowns are often caused by poor quality lubrication.

  • You’ll Extend Your Vehicle’s Road-Life
  • Continue driving your car for as long as you need. You should be in control of your engine’s health and longevity. An oil change schedule from Buddy’s Automotive is the best way to make sure your vehicle stays on the road.

  • You’ll Prevent Vehicle Overheating
  • Poor viscosity is when oil has lost its ability to lubricate and causes your engine to overheat and overwork. Without timely attention, this can lead to permanent engine breakdown.

Schedule Your Maintenance Service Today!

As a rule of thumb, Buddy’s Automotive in Independence, MO recommends that vehicles receive an oil change every 3,000 miles or 3 months. Don’t trust just any auto repair shop or quick lube service center with your vehicle. Buddy’s will protect your engine by using the appropriate grades of motor oil and brands for maximum engine protection. Not every vehicle’s service schedule is the same, meaning some are more difficult than others. No matter what vehicle make you’re driving, our expert technicians know how to change the oil. We’ll put your vehicle on a schedule so that you never have to worry about engine health and performance again. Give us a call today at 816-252-0425 to schedule your next oil change. Next time you’re in the area of West 23rd Street South, feel free to stop by. We gladly accept all walk-ins!