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Keeping Your Car Healthy

If you rely on your vehicle to get around town every day, you’ll want to spend some time on its care and maintenance. Professional maintenance keeps your car in top condition, ensuring it’s always ready for the road ahead. Buddy’s Automotive in Independence, Missouri helps vehicle owners do right by their investments with a full range of maintenance service offerings for all makes and models. Among these essential services is wheel alignment – a process that corrects the positioning of all four wheels to factory standards, ensuring your vehicle can meet peak performance levels. From the moment your vehicle rolls off the delivery truck from the manufacturer, it’s susceptible to normal wear and tear. Even if you never hit a pothole or bump in the road, the wheels may still fall out of alignment after hundreds or thousands of miles of travel. You’ll need a wheel alignment service to correct the problem.

How it Helps

Each vehicle’s suspension system is precisely structured to achieve optimal performance, efficiency, comfort, and stability. However, these features are lost when wheels fall out of their precise positions. We are here to explain how wheel alignment benefits your vehicle.

Efficiency & Control

Have you ever tried pushing around a shopping cart with a broken wheel? It’s extremely frustrating! The cart drifts left or right, and you have to continually fight against it to make it down the straight aisles. Driving a vehicle with poor wheel alignment is similar. Not only does the driver have to deal with the pulling and tugging, but the engine has to work much harder to move the whole car forward. This uses up more fuel, increases the strain on various parts, and creates an unsafe situation in which the driver doesn’t have complete control over their vehicle.

Performance & Comfort

Did you know that your vehicle’s wheels were specifically aligned to make your driving experience easier? Proper wheel alignment makes it easy to drive in a straight line, and a healthy suspension system keeps your ride comfortable despite uneven road surfaces. Any problems with your ability to maneuver or enjoy your driving experience should be corrected by a professional. At Buddy’s Automotive, we rely on state-of-the-art technology to realign wheels.

Vehicle Lifespan

If you ignore wheel alignment service, you’re asking your vehicle to work a lot harder. The engine will use up more fuel and places increased strain on internal components. The tires may wear unevenly and require replacement sooner. You won’t be able to get the most from your vehicle or its parts while driving with poor alignment. Avoid costly repairs from these complications by visiting our shop regularly for maintenance.

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