State Inspections in Independence, MO

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Is It That Time Again?

Drivers in Independence, Missouri know that they must complete state-mandated safety inspections before renewing their vehicle’s registration. If you are new to the state, you are probably familiar with the process from the area of your previous residency. Buddy’s Automotive is the local inspection center for vehicle owners in the Kansas City Metro Area. Our full-service facility is approved to perform state testing and high-quality repairs, so if your vehicle fails for any reason, we can correct the issue to ensure you pass the next time around. We help drivers of all makes and models stay on the road in strong, reliable vehicles.

Is it time for your next inspection? Schedule it online with our convenient system to ensure you don’t forget. No one wants to get pulled over for an expired registration! Our team performs the checks quickly to get you on the road and back to your day. As long as your vehicle has been well-maintained, inspection is a breeze! We know that you have other responsibilities and strive to make your experience as streamlined as possible. Your inspection should only take a few minutes, and we recommend checking the basics yourself beforehand to keep things moving smoothly. Failing inspection for a simple fix is a waste of time and money, but entirely avoidable!

Pre-Inspection Check

Buddy’s Automotive recommends checking a few things on your vehicle before your next inspection to ensure the process goes smoothly and quickly. If one of these items needs repair, it’s best to handle it beforehand and pass inspection the first time. If you don’t replace worn components before inspection, our technicians will catch it and fail your vehicle. Then you have to deal with repairs and the hassle of retesting!

Windshield Wipers

How old are your car’s windshield wipers? If they are worn out and don’t adequately clear the windshield of rain or debris, opt to swap them out before inspection.

Seat Belts

Do all of the seat belts in your vehicle work correctly? If one is broken, replace it before the inspection to avoid immediate failure.


Are your tires wearing thin? Balding tires aren’t safe to drive on, as your vehicle won’t achieve optimal control. Consider replacing extremely worn tires before your inspection.

Let Our Team Help!

Do you feel confident in your vehicle’s overall health? At Buddy’s Automotive, we understand how overwhelming vehicle maintenance can be! There’s a lot to stay on top of between brake service, wheel alignment, engine tune-ups, oil changes, and more. But when you visit our shop in Independence, Missouri regularly for maintenance, our ASE Certified technicians take care of everything to ensure your vehicle is always in top condition. When it comes time for your next state inspection, you’ll feel confident that your car will pass the first time! We help our customers maintain their vehicles so they never have to worry about its health or if it’s legal to drive.